Yet more uncertainty for Bradford City – TwoHundredPercent article

Last week, I had a second article published on the award-winning football website, TwoHundredPercent.Net concerning the recent problems at Bradford City.  The club is seeking a rent reduction on its Valley Parade home – or could leave its 108-year-old home.

Bradford was in a desperate position when the ground was sold to Gibb, and for many fans – not to mention the Board – there remains a begrudging frustration that he is allowed to make a 15% profit per year on something that ethically shouldn’t belong to him. But whatever happens over the next few weeks and months, it’s to be hoped the longer-term picture is fully considered. For sure City could move to Osdal, go through some financial pain and emerge it celebrating a promotion or two in their neighbour’s pad. But is the possibility of some success over the next few years really worth giving up the club’s home of 108 years for? Or perhaps that decision was made when the ground and the club were separated eight years ago, and the current Board are trying to manage a business which – were it not in football – would have been wound up a long time ago as unviable.

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Elsewhere, I have written the following articles on the current situation, including getting an exclusive story for BfB on the fact City was launching talks with their Valley Parade landlords.

Tuesday 5 April – Bradford City made half a million profit in 2009/10, but it’s not all good news

Without the unexpected windfall from Delph, City would have lost over £1 million over the previous two campaigns and something similar this year – whether these totals includes loans provided by Lawn and Rhodes is unclear.

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Wednesday 6 April – Is there any solution to Bradford City’s Valley Parade problem?

BfB understands that Bradford City are attempting to negotiate with Valley Parade landlord Gordon Gibb over the terms of the current rental agreement…Gibb has no reason to agree to reduced terms, but if the rent issue remained so difficult that it threatened the existence of Bradford City Football Club, he could suddenly be left with no annual return and a piece of land that would be difficult to sell in the current climate.

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Thursday 14 April – The stark warning as Bradford City’s future is presented in the bleakest terms

There are worrying times for the club. Lawn has revealed that we cannot carry on as we are, and the answers apparently lie with people who seemingly don’t have the club’s best interests at their heart and have very different priorities.

Click here to read the article.


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